Extended Warranty Options for Siemens Process Instruments

Extended Warranty Options for Siemens  Process Instruments
Protect your Siemens Instruments with Extended Warranty Options

The Process Instrumentation (PI) Extended Warranty enables you to protect your Siemens process instrumentation order beyond the standard 2-year warranty, against unforeseeable maintenance costs. The Extended Warranty applies to repair and replacement of devices that have failed under normal use. An Extended Warranty can be purchased for all Siemens process instrumentation devices together with the product order (purchase after the initial product order is not possible). A running period of 36, 48 or 60 months can be selected and starts with the product delivery. The selection of an Extended Warranty applies to all process instrumentation devices in the respective order that has a serial number (for traceability). In case of a warranty claim, the device can be returned worldwide using the standard return process of the respective region.

  • Easy to order - A one-time payment with the product order.
  • Cost transparency -No cost for repairs or exchange during the selected term.
  • High flexibility - Different time periods tailored to your needs.
  • Global availability - In a warranty case, you can return your device at one of our worldwide Siemens locations.
  • Traceability - details of the secured devices are available on the certificate and Siemens PIA selector.