Measuring Alcohol by Volume for Distilling Using the Siemens SITRANS FCT070

Measuring Alcohol by Volume for Distilling Using the Siemens SITRANS FCT070

Every distillery wants to deliver quality products to its customers. It does not matter whether they are producing whisky, rum or gin, there is a current demand for these spirits that mean businesses want to up their game and improve their processes. In particular, something that every company is to pay attention to in distilling is the alcohol by volume or ABV measurement.

Enjoy 17 ABV Curves

Often the conventional method for measuring ABV is looking at the density. However, you will not always achieve the best accuracy, as you are only using one measurement device. The good news is, there are different measurement points that can be examined throughout the distilling process. All you need is a device that is going to be able to record them. This is where the Siemens SITRANS FCT070 comes in.

The main advantage of the Siemens SITRANS FCT070 is that it has the advanced capability to store 17 ABV curves. This means that it can work well for all of your applications and keep them all in one place. This is going to make operations easier, as well as more efficient, which is what a lot of businesses are looking to improve in the distilling industry. Therefore, you can view everything from the density and temperature, as well as your ABV measurements and flow measurements.
With the Siemens SITRANS FCT070, as well as combining with the SITRANS Coriolis FC430 Flowmeter, a spirit company is going to know exactly what products they are creating. 

You can look at measures for the water content, as well as the alcohol to see what you have created. This is without having to write any codes; it is all done by the meter. Thus, you can have quality spirits that are all the same measurements and human error no longer has to be a problem. 




A Discreet Design

Having one Coriolis meter is convenient in a number of ways. But, another reason why distilling companies are interested in the Siemens SITRANS FCT070 is that it has a discreet design. You can say goodbye to the big Coriolis meters that stand out with a display everybody can view, this design means you can enjoy a compact and discreet Coriolis meter. In addition, the display can be in a control room so that it can be monitored by a professional. Tour guests are not able to view the data.

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