Accurate Control Solutions for the Chemical Dosing industry.

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Accurate Control Solutions for the Chemical Dosing industry.

The Food and Pharmacy industry, Breweries, and Painting and Coating industry are hugely valuable to the UK economy, it adds more than £18 billion of value to the UK economy every year from a total annual turnover of almost £56 billion! More than 30% of everything manufactured in the UK is exported to other countries.

Due to the increased pressure from the growing industry and evolving regulations to offer consistent quality at a minimal cost, Chemical processors, manufacturers and producers are seeking methods that will reduce risks, improve efficiencies, and maximise output.

This is particularly important when it comes to three key sectors within the Chemical industry; Painting and Coating, Breweries, and Food processing. Accuracy and consistency are extremely important within these three sectors and the equipment used must not only offer impeccable quality and reliability but also meet the challenges of chemical resistance and operational efficiency.

There is a wide range of challenges in these three sectors, particularly for processors and manufacturers that are reliant on chemical dosing as a critical process. As these sectors continue to grow and the demand for their products increases, global companies are looking for accurate control solutions to offer the best quality product and services.

Consistency, accuracy, and safety in the use and control of chemicals are paramount, especially in these industries.

Therefore, there is a valuable opportunity for manufacturers within the Painting and coating, Breweries, and Food Processing industry to address the fears and offer expertise to help engineers from OEMs choose the most appropriate products to improve their systems.

OEM’s greatest challenge is offering cost-effective and reliable solutions which reduce maintenance downtime to a minimum, offer highly accurate repeatability for chemical dosing and eliminate risks associated with the industry.

This whitepaper examines the most important factors and significant risks of chemical dosing and the various solutions that OEMs can provide. This technical paper includes real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate the use of correct industry valves, system integration, how to deliver exceptional output without compromising quality, and offers innovative chemical control solutions.

Case studies included in this whitepaper showcase how matching the customer’s specific requirements with a suitable flow monitoring product can deliver exceptional results and highly accurate measurement.

This whitepaper also concentrates on three main sectors in detail which are; paint and coating, breweries, and food processing discussing the challenges they face and how to minimise the risks.

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