As Bourdon themselves state; Pressure Management is their home turf. The company boasts extensive experience with electronic and mechanical pressure measurement devices, and as the inventors of the Bourdon tube, are proven experts in their field.

When it comes to selecting the product range we stock and sell, the engineers at Fine Controls (UK) Ltd have strict requirements and stringent processes, and Bourdon products consistently prove to be of the highest quality.

With robust stainless steel housings Bourdon pressure gauges are suitable for use in tough conditions and demanding environments, making them ideal for the oil and gas or petrochemical industries. 

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They can also be used in areas where hygiene rules apply, or in applications where sea-water is used, without any problems.

Whatever the challenges of your installation, when measuring pressure Bourdon Process Instrumentation (formerly Baumer) are the company to turn to, and if you are looking for great prices and efficient service from friendly - and more importantly knowledgeable and highly qualified staff, then you’re in the right place at Fine Controls.

Browse the entire Bourdon range here, or why not check out some of our other products. Some are available to buy online; but if the one you need isn’t, don’t fret - call us and we’ll more than likely have it in stock or be able to source it for you.

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Our team of engineers are fully equipped to provide bespoke system design and manufacture.

This process involves specifying, procuring, calibrating and maintaining instrumentation and control systems for industrial and commercial process control applications.

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