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Temperature Measurement

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Temperature measurement – Our extensive range of temperature measuring devices offer all you need for the perfect solution to all your temperature monitoring requirements. We have a wide selection of temperature probes, thermowells, transmitter heads and transmitters. Whether it be in-head, DIN rail or industrial temperature transmitters we have a wide range to suit your application.

If you are looking for high accuracy, robust and reliable we have got you covered offering from our Siemens or Status range.

SIEMENS SITRANS TO500 multipoint temperature transmitter Model Number: T0500

The SITRANS TO500 multipoint temperature transmitter is located in the control cabinet in a compact aluminum enclosure for mounting onto DIN rails. • Evaluation of a large number of sensors (Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)) in one temperature transmitter • Low space requirements of the multipoint measuring lance • 4 multipoint measuring lance channels per temperature transmitter • Easy to install • PROFIBUS DP - Simple integration into control system • Fast response to temperature changes • Exact, no recalibration required due to internal reference • Also suitable for high process temperatures

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