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Engineering Services

Engineered Solutions & Services

As Fine Controls offer you the best instrumentation products on the market, we endeavour to help you put them to best use. Our team of engineers are fully equipped to provide support and servicing across our full range of instrumentation; and offer a variation of options when it comes to bespoke system design and manufacture. We are specialists in specifying, procuring, calibrating, and maintaining instrumentation and control systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial process control applications, ensuring optimal operating performance, accuracy and required national and international quality standards are met.

Whatever your application, from bespoke system design and build, to simple calibrations and servicing, our technical department can provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution.

Valve Services

Valve & Flowmeter Sizing and Specification

Our sales engineers know that sizing and specification of valves and flowmeters can be a daunting task, so let us do it for you! We can advise on brands, technologies, body materials, liners, transmitters and positioners, even calculate your required Cv/Kv.

Valve & Actuator Packages

Our technicians have years of experience mounting actuators to a multitude of different valve types, even designing specialist brackets when needed. If you require a plug and play actuated valve delivered to site, we’re here to help you out!

Valve & Regulator Modification

Fine Controls is committed to providing a complete set of precision regulator and valve services, including plant/factory specified valve and regulator modification and reconditioning. We carry a vast stock of regulators, valve parts and repair kits for fast replacements that minimise downtime and result in improved designs, better matching of valves and regulators to service conditions, and a more predictable service life.

Instrument Maintenance

Core Product Repair & Servicing

The repair and calibration of most instruments can be carried out either in-house or if necessary we can visit you on-site. Our designated calibration and repair team provide fast response and repair times to meet any customer deadlines. All work is traceable to national standards and certifications can be supplied upon request.

Oxygen Degreasing

Our technical department offer complete, certified removal of combustible contaminants from the surface of any equipment or system in oxygen service, including any component that may encounter an oxygen rich environment. Instruments are then returned to your required site specially packaged and secure.

Site Services (Siemens Approved Engineers)

Occasionally, instruments will fail or may need to be replaced or serviced while inline or on site to reduce system shut downs. Fine Controls offers on-site servicing, troubleshooting, fitting and replacements covering all our core products. Any on-site service is carried out by qualified Siemens Approved Engineers and underpinned by our access to expertise from cross-industry product specialists and manufacturer guidance. If you require a site visit, please contact our Sales Engineers initially and they will direct you to the correct service department.

Instrument Modification

Pneumatic & Electrical Panel Builds

Fine Controls can design and build any electrical and pneumatic panels to your required specification or we can design a bespoke panel based on your application goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or replacing an outdated electrical or pneumatic system, we can help. This service includes complete system design, integration and installation at your stated delivery site, including any required certification. We will also liaise with you throughout the design and build process, ensuring peace of mind, functionality and a panel that is built to last.


Fine Controls provide a service for the manufacturing of small bespoke systems, low quantity assemblies and the assembly of sub components for main systems. From designing brackets for the mounting of valve positioners, assembling regulator manifolds, fitting chemical seals to assembling core components, Fine Controls can assist with all your requirements.

Temperature Probe Design

Our engineering department has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturingtemperature probes for global clients. Our probes are optimised thermally, electrically and mechanically to your specification and are supplied complete, tested and ready to install. We offer a wide range of temperature sensing elements from our industry-leading suppliers including thermistors (NTC and PTC), RTDs, thermocouples, thermopiles and housings in various materials.

Bespoke System Design

As you may expect with our extensive product range, we are regularly requested to offer advice on how best to integrate many of our products into functioning systems. Many of our customers, however, approach our technical team with an application or goal in mind and allow us the freedom to design, build and commission a bespoke system, tailored to their individual specification, timeframe and budget.

With over 20 years experience and a glowing reputation in the Instrumentation Industry, we have undertaken projects from numerous high profile, national and international clients and pride ourselves on our ingenuity and ability to supply both innovative and cost-effective solutions to any application. If you have any bespoke system requirements you would like to discuss, please contact our Technical Director.

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