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Sizing Software

As a premier partner to many of the Instrumentation world's leading brands, Fine Controls prides itself on our ability to specify and select the correct valves and instruments for our customers. Valve sizing is a crucial part of any application and if calculated incorrectly, can cause major issues when your valve is delivered on site. Fine Controls has put together a collection of valve sizing software, purposely designed by our suppliers to aid and empower our customers in their own product selection and correct sizing. Please feel free to download or use any of the software listed below, however, if you feel you need a second opinion on your calculations or instrument choice before you place your order, our technical sales team will happily advise you, just give us a call on 0800 328 8511

Product Sizing Tool Download


Burkert Process Valve Selection and Sizing

Jordan Valve Control Valve Sizing

Honeywell Pressure Reducing Valve Sizing


Siemens Vortex Flow Meter Sizing


Siemens Mass and Mag Flow Meter Sizing

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