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Best Solenoid valves for Industrial InkJet Printing Model Number: Burkert 6012

Whether ink is decorating mobile phone cases, colouring huge windowpanes or patterning fashionable apparel– customers expect print to be vibrant in colour, accurately delivered and supremely durable. Dense and opaque layers without ink degradation are the core of any durable creation. No need to worry: Bürkert’s solenoid valve variants are stunningly durable. In-house moulding processes master materials like peroxide cross-linked EPDM, plus separating flowing media technologies will give you highest chemical resistance to ink and solvent. No blocking, no dried ink, and residuefree flushability.

Brewery Level control to EHEDG hygienic standards Model Number: LR250 HEA

Siemens has offered the Sitrans LR250 HEA (Hygienic Encapsulated Antenna), a radar level transmitter that determines the contents of the tank without coming into contact with the product. It has therefore become the first radar level transmitter to be certified as aseptic in accordance with the strict rules of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). Prior to market introduction, a host of tests were carried out at the research brewery of the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan, Bavaria.

Flow measurement in denaturing of alcohol Model Number: FC430

The measuring system developed by Siemens measures the mass flow of the alcohol delivered, the correct dosing of the necessary denaturing additives and finally the finished denatured alcohol. In the process the mass flow rate, the density and the temperature of the medium are also measured. The release of gas bubbles, which is an important factor for the start of the denaturing process, is performed by density measurement via the SITRANS FC430.

Flow Monitoring Of Carpet Colour Dye Solutions Model Number: Siemens FC410

Automatic color switching made a reality Lano Carpets in Harelbeke, Belgium, produces 20,000 m² of tufted carpet every day. To increase the flexibility of its machines and reduce costs, the company decided to stop manufacturing its dyes in batches and switch to a continuous process using an inline mixer that produces the right color instantly. However, it is when the machine changes from one product to the next that the solution shows just how effective it is: switching to a new color is virtually automatic and involves minimal waste.

Generating power from wood waste with solid process automation Model Number: lr560

A wood waste gasification facility in England uses household wood waste— chipboard, broken furniture, building materials—to generate upwards of four megawatts of power. Throughout the generation process,Siemens process instrumentation helps monitor and control operations, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

Measuring Sugar Content In Wort Before Fermentation Model Number: Siemens FC430

Headquarted in Faxe, Denmark, Royal Unibrew produces, markets, sells and distributes a variety of beverages including beer, malt, soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral water. Although the brewing cycle generally only lasts for several weeks, it involves many steps that must be regulated through repeated measurements to ensure that the beer will adhere to a predetermined standard of quality.

Online water Analysis System Model Number: 8905

Reliable analysis of drinking water has never been so simple! Throughout the world, the WHO (World Health Organization) and local authorities strive to create regulations and guidelines to protect public health, to ensure the highest levels of water quality and to establish monitoring procedures. The Type 8905 Online Analysis System was developed to help water suppliers to comply with guidelines: it enables monitoring and data logging in the time between stipulated laboratory tests. With its very compact housing, it monitors the key parameters directly in the system on a continuous and highly economical basis. Thanks to innovative microelectronics we were able to develop a modular and extremely compact monitoring device, with the sensor chips entirely manufactured in our factory in France. The uncompromising miniaturisation of sensor elements and intelligent control enable flexible selection and combination of the exact sensor components relevant for your analysis process.

Sizing Software Solutions Model Number: Sizing Software

Valve sizing is a crucial part of any application and if calculated incorrectly, can cause major issues when your valve is delivered on site. Fine Controls has put together a collection of valve sizing software, purposely designed by our suppliers to aid in product selection and correct sizing.

Wastewater Collection In Sewerage Systems Model Number: Siemens FST020

Wastewater collection via sewerage systems has proven challenging for Welsh Water due to the country’s mountainous topography. Many customers are situated within valleys, necessitating the use of sewage pumping stations (SPSs) that vary greatly in size and pumping capacity. Until recently, the majority of the 1,861 SPSs belonging to Welsh Water had no system in place to measure flow. Siemens was asked to propose a potential solution as they had previously provided the company with numerous electromagnetic flowmeters for new installations as well as a number of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for large pipes. Recognizing that the SITRANS FST020 was an ideal fit, Welsh Water ultimately selected Siemens as the supplier of clamp-on instrumentation for their large-scale retrofit project.

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