Best Solenoid Valves For Industrial Inkjet Printing

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Automatic color switching made a reality Lano Carpets in Harelbeke, Belgium, produces 20,000 m² of tufted carpet everyday. To increase the flexibility of its machines and reduce costs, the company decided to stop manufacturing its dyes in batches and switch to process using an inline mixer that produces the right color instantly.

This innovative system, designed and created in conjunction with Solution Partner ProcAT, requires highly accurate process management to continuously produce a precise color shade every time. Using Siemens Coriolis flowmeters, the coloring agents required to manufacture a specific color shade are injected into the inline mixer in proportions that stringently adhere to the settings.

However, it is when the machine changes from one product to the next that the new concept shows just how effective it is: switching to a new color is virtually automatic and involves minimal waste.

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