Flow measurement in denaturing of alcohol

denature max 1000w

The neighbouring bioethanol producer in Ischeldorf processes agricultural products to bioethanol. This biofuel has an alcohol content of at least 99 percent.

For customs and financial reasons, this alcohol must be denatured for further processing. The denaturing process makes the alcohol undrinkable. This is achieved using additives, which must be continuously and exactly metered.

The process is performed in the Donau Chemie Group plant in Pischeldorf bei Tulln. Denatured alcohol is then processed further in the factory for cleaning and antifreeze products.

The solution

The non-denatured alcohol is delivered to the Donau Chemie plant by railway wagon. The denaturing process takes place as the alcohol is pumped into a second wagon.

The measuring system developed by Siemens measures the mass flow of the alcohol delivered, the correct dosing of the necessary denaturing additives and finally, the finished denatured alcohol. In the process, the mass flow rate, the density and the temperature of the medium are also measured. The release of gas bubbles, which is an important factor for the start of the denaturing process, is performed by density measurement via the SITRANS FC430.


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