How Plants Can Improve Quality and Achieve Process Optimisation with the Siemens SITRANS TO500

How Plants Can Improve Quality and Achieve Process Optimisation with the Siemens SITRANS TO500

Every plant knows how important it is to monitor temperatures. That is why plants, as well as other organisations in different industries, invest in reliable equipment so that they can be sure of accurate temperatures. If there is one brand that comes to mind when it comes to optimising processes it is Siemens. This brand has a variety of effective and efficient equipment plants can use to improve their operations. Namely, we are talking about the Siemens SITRANS TO500.

Improving Plant Operations

For plants, the SITRANS TO500 might be exactly what you are looking for. Namely, this is a fibre-optic temperature measuring transmitter, which can boost efficiency and improve quality in your plant. The SITRANS TO500 offers a read-out unit, as well as a transmitter and measuring lance. What a lot of plants like about the SITRANS TO500 is the easy and simple design. For instance, installation is straightforward and there is no additional cabling necessary. All you can do is enjoy having a highly accurate piece of equipment that is going to allow you to measure temperatures in anything from distillation and microreactors, as well as tube reactors.
The SITRANS TO500 is marketed as a piece of equipment that can measure what used to be impossible in plants. There are a number of reasons for this. For example, there the measuring lance has a diameter of less than 2mm. This is important as the tight tube allows more reaction space and fast response times. There are also up to 48 measuring points per measuring lance. This is a good thing since you can enjoy great insight and monitor temperature development. You will be able to see if there are temperature changes you need to be aware of.

In total, there are 192 measuring points thanks to the 4 lances. The measuring lance is designed to be flexible, which makes installation and maintenance of the SITRANS TO500 cost-effective for plants. The ambient temperature is -20 to 80 degrees Celsius, which means that this piece of equipment from Siemens can work well in a variety of applications. There is no need for any recalibration.
The handpiece and multi-point measuring lance have IP67 level of protection. This means that they can work well and last in plants that are exposed to dust and sand, as well as working for 30 minutes in water. It is constructed from durable and strong aluminium.

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