Who can offer reliable level measurement with the experience of over a million applications?

Who can offer reliable level measurement with the experience of over a million applications?

Siemens conducts detailed research and work alongside a wide range of industry experts around the world. As a result their level measurement instruments offer reliability and come with extensive field experience based on over a million instruments in industrial applications. 

They go through this rigorous process because Siemens follow Albert Einstein’s ideology that, “the only source of knowledge is experience”. This mentality has driven Siemens to innovate and advance their technology to create real life industry solutions for measuring both solids and liquids.

Siemens Level Measurement

A key priority for Siemens when it comes to level measurement technology is to use intelligence gained through experience to deliver reliability and accuracy regardless of environment. From straight forward calm and open applications to turbulent conditions, areas with lots of obstructions or environmental challenges with extreme temperatures, pressures and difficult materials.

Siemens understands that there is a need for multiple solutions to overcome different industrial challenges and that no single technology can address all of them. 

As a result, they have developed a range of contacting and non-contacting instrumentation for continuous and point level level measurement devices. All ideal for use in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Aggregates Industries.

On top of this, Siemens have designed their products to need little or no maintenance, boosting safety on location and allowing more time to be dedicated to other aspects of a business.

Working in conjunction with Siemens Process Automation, Fine Controls offer an extensive range of Siemens level control devices for the measurement of both solids and liquids that are easy to install even in difficult installation conditions.

  • Tuning Fork
  • Capacitance
  • Ultrasonic
  • Rotary Paddle Level Switches and Ultrasonic
  • Radar
  • Guided Wave Radar
  • Capacitance Level Transmitters. 

Siemens are true innovators in technology and with years of experience integrated into each device. When you use their level measurement products you are able to make your business function smarter and more efficient.

Discover more about Siemens level measurement product range in this video:

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