Siemens SITRANS IQ/CC240 – New IOT Gateway for HART based Field Devices

Siemens SITRANS IQ/CC240 – New IOT Gateway for HART based Field Devices

Process optimisation is at the top of the list for many production plants. This is true for everything from improving efficiency in production to lowering maintenance costs. This just became easier with the new Siemens SITRANS IQ/CC240. Now, you can update your plant and keep it in line with 21st century technology. We are talking about enjoying 24/7 connectivity and being able to read data at any time on an operator’s smartphone or tablet.

Reach New Heights with the SITRANS IQ/CC240

With the SITRANS IQ/CC240, you are able to monitor and examine condition data from your process plant. You can also edit the data in order to suit your needs and the whole monitorisation process is made simple. You now have a lot of important information at your fingertips. The Siemens SITRANS IQ/CC240 allows you to gather data from any HART-based field device that you have in your plant and to digitise it to optimise your processes. This is all done independently from the control system thanks to the new IOT gateway. Therefore, you are able to access field-level data like never before.
The SITRANS IQ/CC240 follows the Namur Open Architecture informational model. You can connect up to 64 devices in your plant and there is a web server that is going to show you all of the information you need. In addition, there is an app that can be used for management purposes. It is even possible to set alarms and events. With an existing system, it is easy to integrate the SITRANS IQ/CC240. It will operate with HART devices that are of Version 5 or later. There is not a lot of equipment on the market quite like this one.
For example, when you are viewing the web server, you are going to have an overview of all your connected devices. It will show on the dashboard the devices that are acting normally, as well as highlighting any that need maintenance or where there has been a failure. You will be able to see the process variables of each device. In some cases, you might want to monitor more, such as driver pickups and currents. It is possible to do this even if they are not normal process values. You can get a manufacturer UDM that Siemen will write for you. Therefore, you can have the SITRANS IQ/CC240 customised for your plant process needs.

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