Valfonta, industry leading pressure regulators and valves

Valfonta, industry leading pressure regulators and valves

Fine Controls, the UK's leading supplier of process controls and instrumentation, are pleased to announce a new product offering from a high-quality pressure regulator manufacturer, Valfonta.

Valfonta has been designing and manufacturing pressure reducing valves for over 40 years, and with extremely strong values around quality standards, makes them a perfect match to join the Fine Controls family of partners.

Our range of Valfonta products offers self-operating back pressure relief valves, Industrial pressure regulators and high-performance low-pressure regulators, which can operate at a range of temperatures.

PRODUCT SHOWCASE - Valfonta Low-Pressure Regulator (PRV45 Series)

The Valfonta Low-Pressure Regulator PRV45 Series offers an ideal choice for applications that require self-actuating pressure reduction to provide a constant downstream with oscillations in the inlet pressure.

Main benefits of the Valfonta Low-Pressure Regulator

The PR45 series offers very low maintenance, making it ideal for several applications, and has a maximum inlet pressure of 16 bar. Typical applications include chemical laboratories, sanitary plants, compressed air and sprinkler systems.

Other features include:

  • 0,01 to 8 bard
  • Liquid and gas temperature range: -20 to 80°
  • Steam temperature range: up to 180°

Gareth Hall, Sales Director at Fine Controls, comments: “We're extremely pleased to add Valfonta to our suite of products available. This addition allows us to further meet the needs of our customers when it comes to high-quality process controls and instrumentation.”

Other Valfonta products stocked are:

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