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Featured Industry: PAPER & PULP

The paper and pulp industry is under increasing pressure to harness the power of technology and leverage advanced measurement and control capabilities in order to sustain global requirements for it’s product.

Providing high quality pulp and paper products in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner is paramount to Fine Controls and we strive to deliver the right instrumentation, analytics, systems and services. With over 20 years experience serving the pulp and paper industry, we are confident that we have the solution to your application requirements. Our team of sales engineers and technical support specialists are available to aid you at every stage of your project, from product selection to programming and of course, after sales care and advice.

Fine Controls offers industry-proven field instruments and control systems that set the standard for performance and reliability, providing the safety, security and efficiency required by the most demanding applications and environment. We have a proven track record of reducing risk, avoiding downtime, and providing customers with long-term support.

SITRANS F M TRANSMAG 2 with SITRANS F M MAG 911/E with Resistant PTFE liner for pulp and paper industries

The SITRANS F M TRANSMAG 2 flowmeter offers exceptional value for pulp and paper applications. The high-energy magnetic field generated with high pulsed AC technology provides a powerful signal ideal for measuring flow even where media fiber content is up to 15%. PTFE in general terms is renowned for possessing the best long-term chemical resistance of any liner material, maintaining its stability despite prolonged exposure to high chemical concentrations at elevated temperatures. When equipped with a PFTE liner it is also well suited for pulp and paper applications, and together with the good signal noise relationship the SITRANS F M TRANSMAG 2 flowmeter is ready to take on your toughest requests - no matter how demanding they may be.

Fairchild TXI7850 I-P Transducer

Fairchild's new TXI7850 Transducer features internally protected critical performance components and has been specifically designed to make these units moisture and vibration resistant for high performance in rough service and is ideal for the harsh environments within the paper & pulp industries. Moisture Resistant Electro-Pneumatic Transducer. The RFI/EMI protection eliminates susceptibility to electromagnetic interference and a Piezoelectric actuator disk provides stability regardless of vibration or position which helps over come some common issues with I-P transducer use in paper mills.

Burkert Type 2000 Piston Valves.

A steam and condensate system is key a part of paper and board machines, to provide the steam for the drying. The biggest single expenditure in a paper and board mill is on energy consumption so faultless valve operation has an important role in the steam and condensate system. Bukert offers a wide choice of on-off and control valves for the steam and condensate system with the type 2000 on/off pneumatically operated valves & 2712 Electropnuemtic control valves. The high cycle life, Tight shut off and able to withstand ambient temperatures of 140c make these valves are an ideal solution for steam control.

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