Honeywell D06F Pressure Reducing Valve
Part Number: D06F-11/4A

The low noise D06 is one of the most popular PRVs on the market, with over 15 million units installed across Europe. The D06F protects domestic, commercial and industrial applications against excessive water supply pressure. It reduces both water consumption and noise from water hammer, while minimising over pressure damage. The set outlet pressure can be maintained even when there are wide inlet pressure fluctuations. A drop tight seal means outlet water pressure will not increase when there is no flow. The D06F has been awarded the Waterwise Marque.
Approvals                                     DVGW, Up to size 1 1/4" approved for low noise, Group 1 without limitations
Media                                             Water, compressed air and nitrogen
Body material                               brass, dezincification resistant
Spring bonnet material               synthetic material
Port connection type                   external threads
Integral filter                                 0,16 mm
Pressure setpoint range           1,5 ... 6 bar

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