Wastewater Collection In Sewerage Systems

Model Number: Siemens FST020

Wastewater collection via sewerage systems has proven challenging for Welsh Water due to the country‚Äôs mountainous topography. Many customers are situated within valleys, necessitating the use of sewage pumping stations (SPSs) that vary greatly in size and pumping capacity. Until recently, the majority of the 1,861 SPSs belonging to Welsh Water had no system in place to measure flow.  Siemens was asked to propose a potential solution as they had previously provided the company with numerous electromagnetic flowmeters for new installations as well as a number of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for large pipes. 

Recognizing that the SITRANS FST020 was an ideal fit, Welsh Water ultimately selected Siemens as the supplier of clamp-on instrumentation for their large-scale retrofit project. SITRANS FST020 flowmeters were installed on the majority of the high-risk SPSs and are now performing accurate measurement of sewage flow. The meters have made it possible to monitor each SPS remotely, eliminating the need to send operators out into the field to verify flows. This allows operational staff to be more effectively deployed.

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Products used in application - Siemens FST020  Siemens FUP1010

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