Measuring Sugar Content In Wort Before Fermentation

Model Number: Siemens FC430

Headquartered in Faxe, Denmark, Royal Unibrew produces, markets sells and distributes a variety of beverages including beer, malt, soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral water. Although the brewing cycle generally only lasts for several weeks, it involves many steps that must be regulated through repeated measurements to ensure that the beer will adhere to a predetermined standard of quality.

Because the brewery is highly satisfied with the products and customer support they have received from Siemens over the past 10 years, they agreed to participate in a field test conducted by Siemens for the next generation of Coriolis flowmeter: the SITRANS FC430. In addition to being the most compact flowmeter of its kind available on the market, the SITRANS FC430 is the first Coriolis meter from Siemens to utilize a digital signal for reduced noise interference.

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Products used in the application - Siemens FC430

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