Soldo Easy Switch Series - Hazardous Area Limit Switch Box

Model Number: ES

Hazardous area limit switch box, dedicated to manual valve applications. Explosion-proof enclosure, matching the Ex d IIC T6 standards, produced in both copper-free aluminium and 316 stainless steel materials, covering the most demanding application in hostile environments. The Easy switch box takes advantage of two magnetic sensors, providing the electrical feedback to the control room. An easy to mount magnetic target operates the switches.


  • Compact design, providing a solution for all manual valve ranges, even the smallest ones.
  • Enhanced flexibility of installation and application thanks to multiple mounting kit options and a glass-reinforced composite magnetic holder.
  • Easy to mount a magnetic target for switch operation.
  • Up to two cable entries.
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance thanks to Copper-free aluminium housing polyester powder coated.
  • 316 stainless steel housing for extremely hostile and corrosive environments.
  • Easy wiring through the terminal PCB board.
  • NOVA V3 switch option to ensure extreme durability and high power switching capabilities.
  • Single tool opening design, allowing the operator to unscrew the lid by hand after removing the locker.

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