Siemens Moore Products Series 760 E/P Pneumatic Valve Positioner

Model Number: 760

The Siemens Moore Series 760 Valve Positioners provide a cost-effective universal approach to your valve control. Their modular concept allows all models to be built on the base pneumatic unit (Siemens Moore Model 760P). The electro-pneumatic model (Siemens Moore Model 760E) is created by adding an I/P transducer to the base pneumatic unit, and a wide range of accessories easily installed inside the unit. The Siemens Moore Series 760 base pneumatic unit provides cam characterisation, split ranging, direct or reverse action and single or double acting without requiring additional parts.

Key design features include non-interaction of the zero and span adjustments. The Siemens Moore Series 760 Valve Positioners include provisions for internal limit switch mounting and position feedback devices without requiring additional housings. Thus, the need to stack housings that impede access to the main enclosure are eliminated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal design and choice of interchangeable NAMUR IEC 534-6 rectilinear VDI/VDE 3845 rotary mountings provide wide application flexibility
  • Double-acting or single-acting service and split ranging afford application versatility in a single unit
  • Non-interaction of the zero and span adjustments and CAMLOC (TM) cam locking mechanism significantly reduce calibration and setup time
  • Modular design reduces inventory because it allows interchangeable spare parts
  • Comes standard with 3 cams, linear, quick opening and equal % for application versatility

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