Rotork Ytc Smart Positioners Yt-2500 / Yt-2550 / Yt-2501

Model Number: YT-2500

Piezo technology with communications.

Design features
• Fail-freeze and fail-safe functions. Enables the valve to maintain the last position (fail-freeze) or move to a pre-determined position (fail-safe) on the loss of electrical power supply or the pneumatic supply air.
• Auto calibration. Simple menu structure with options to auto calibrate all parameters or zero and end points only.
• LCD display. Alphanumeric digital display for process values and calibration.
• Low air consumption level. Almost zero air leakage.
• Feedback signal. Analogue feedback signals with 4-20 mA, mechanical and proximity switch options.
• PD control. Pre-calibrated and user-configurable variables via front panel pushbutton menu.
• HART® communication. Allows commands, position feedback and diagnostics to be sent digitally over the current loop.
• Front panel pushbuttons for configuration. Four robust and positive acting pushbuttons for field configuration.

YT-2500 = Aluminium housing *pictured*
YT-2550 = Stainless steel house
YT-2501 = Aluminium housing with remote sensor

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