Rotork Iqt - Part-Turn Battery Backup Actuator


The Rotork IQT Part-Turn Battery Backup Actuator provides valve fail-safe operation by utilising power from a battery source during AC supply mains failure. Under normal supply conditions the actuator operates from the site AC electrical supply. On loss of this supply the actuator automatically switches over to receive power from a 24 VDC supply allowing control of the valve to the pre-configured position.

IQT Battery Backup offers the following powerful features:

  • Same performance as Standard IQT
  • 3-phase, 1-phase and DC power supplies (Type 1 only)
  • Modulating duty option
  • Full-turn and multiport option
  • Compatibility with all networks

IQT Battery Backup Type 1 - External Supply

  • Suitable for use in hazardous and nonhazardous locations, Type 1 includes connection for a customer supplied 24 VDC supply in addition to the normal AC supply.

IQT Fail-safe Type 2 - Integral Battery

  • Suitable for use in non-hazardous locations only, Type 2 includes a battery located in the actuator terminal cover, charged from an integral charging system when AC power is applied to the actuator.

This part is from our extensive range of IQT Actuators in our Rotork Actuator range.

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