Rotork Iq3Ml - Linear Modulating Actuator

Model Number: IQ3ML

Benefiting from all the features of the IQM 3-phase electric actuator, the Rotork IQ3ML Linear Modulating Actuator has a linear output drive providing seating thrust output of up to 43 kN (9,667 lbf).

The features of the Rotork IQ3M and the Rotorek IQ3ML include:

  • The IQM is suitable for up to 1,200 starts per hour (S4 / Class C).
  • Direct seating torque output range from 11 to 542 Nm (7 to 400 lbf.ft).
  • Second stage gearboxes, output seating torque up to 3,600 Nm (2,655 lbf.ft) and part-turn up to 77,000 Nm (56,790 lbf.ft).

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