Burkert Type 8630 - Topcontrol Continuous Positioner

Model Number: 8630

Burkert 8630 has been replaced with the Burkert 8692 & 8693

The Top Control Continuous BURKERT TYPE 8630 works as an electro-pneumatic positioner for pneumatically actuated control valves with piston actuators, e.g. the series 2702, 2712, 2730, 2731 and 2731K, as well as ball and butterfly valves with pneumatic rotary actuators. Together with the pneumatic actuator, it forms an optical and functional unit. With its numerous software functions, TopControl Continuous Type 8630 may also be used as a process controller with PID characteristics. In this case, a process control loop is superposed upon the positioner loop in a cascade structure. The process value is led directly to the TopControl as a standard current signal, frequency or PT-100 signal. The control system may be used for a variety of control tasks in fluid technology.

  • Electro-pneumatic positioner for pneumatically actuated control valves
  • Control Air Sockets: G 1/4, NPT 1/4; RC 1/4 on request
  • Supply Pressure: 3 to 7 Bar
  • Flow Capacity: 100 l/min

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