Burkert Type 780 Eex Ed - 3/2 Way Hazardous Area Solenoid Valve
Part Number: 141987

Type 0780 solenoid valve Circuit function C 3/2-ways; normally closed; output A balanced Orifice size DN 04,0 4,0mm (5/32") Seal material DWST FF FKM Body material VA stainless steel Port connection LTA GM82 G1/4 threaded port Voltage SP 024 24 volts AC/DC 40 watt inrush, 3 watt hold Special Feature VAR1 JA01 Terminal box with screwed cable connection M 20 x 1,5 (with approval PTB 00 ATEX 3119 X) & fuse (with approval PTB 01 ATEX 2064 U) VAR2 PD29 Appr. PTB 03 ATEX 1030X II 2G, II 2D, IEC Ex PTB 05.0026X, Ex ed IIC T4 or Ex ed mb IIC T4 or Ex ed ia IIC T4 or Ex ed mb ia IIC T4, Ex tD A21 IP65 T 135

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