Burkert Type 2400 - 2/2 Way Servo-Assisted Solenoid Valve

Model Number: 2400

The servo-assisted BURKERT TYPE 2400 valve has a servo-piston with a 2-way servo-control. It is designed for high pressures. The speciality of this valve design lies in the layout of the seat and sealing element. An additional radial seal makes very good sealing possible. The tapered sealing element of the servo-control permits the switching of high pressure at relatively low coil power.

  • Port Connection: G 1/4, G 3/8, G 1/2
  • Body Material: Stainless steel, brass and stainless steel, nickel-plated
  • Seal Material: PEEK/FKM; PCTFE/FKM; PTFE/FKM
  • Max Pressure: 250 Bar
  • For high pressures
  • Servo-assisted

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brass body 2/2 N/C FKM seals, 12mm orifice, 1-160 bar pressure - idno 006725

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Type 2400 Solnoid Valve, 2/2 Way Normally Closed, 8mm Orifice Size, PEEK+FKM Seals, Brass Body, 3/8" BSP Ports, 24V/50Hz, 20 Watt *JF01 Standard Cable Plug

£646.74 (ex VAT)

£776.09 (inc VAT)

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