Midland Acs Model 4500 - Stainless Steel Visual Indicator

Model Number: 4500

The MIDLAND ACS MODEL 4500 Stainless Steel thermal visual indicator fuses are manufactured in a selection of working temperatures up to 200c and are designed to release at sensing beyond that temperature. Our Visual indicators can operate on gases or liquids and have a choice of colour changes for your selection

  • Compact 316 Stainless Steel panel mounted visual indicator with various colour options
  • Filtered lubricated or non-lubricated air, inert gas, sweet (natural) gases
  • Sour gas option available (details on application)
  • Low pressure hydraulic, mineral oil or water
  • 2ºC to +70ºC (36ºF to +149ºF)
  • 1 to 12 bar (14.5 to 174 psi)
  • 1/8", 1/2" NPT and (BSP option)

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1/8" Visual Indicator - Red / Green

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