Siemens Sitrans P320 & P420 - Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Model Number: P320 & P420

The Siemens SITRANS P320 & P420 Pressure Transmitter is a precision digital transmitter for pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow and level and has extensive diagnostics and simulation functions. The Siemens SITRANS P320 / P420  has remote safety handling via SIMATIC PDM saving you time during commissioning.

Rather than having to manually attend each individual device across a facility, operators can program transmitters from the control room. This reduces the commissioning time in applications requiring functional safety. Both SITRANS P320 and P420 pressure transmitters have an increased proof test interval over other devices on the market.

Siemens SITRANS P320 / P420 Pressure Transmitter Details

  • Accuracy: 0,065 % (SITRANS P320) - 0,04 % (SITRANS P420)
  • Response Time: down to 105 ms
  • Long-Term Stability: = 0.125 % / 5 years
  • Measuring Cells: from 20 mbar to 700 bar
  • Max. Turndown: 100:1
  • Measured Medium Temperature: -40 °C to +100 °C
  • Certificates/ Approvals: ATEX, IEC EX, FM, CSA, NEPSI and others
  • SIL-2/3 certification: Developed according to IEC 61508 standards HART7 communication
  • Communication: 4…20 mA/ HART, PROFIBUS PA (in preparation), FOUNDATION Fieldbus (in preparation)
  • Diaphragm Materials: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Tantalum, Monel, Gold

Download the Siemens SITRANS P320 / P420 Datasheet for more information.  For similar products view our full range of Siemens pressure transmitters and Siemens differential pressure transmitters.

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