Siemens Sitrans P300 - Pressure Transmitter

Model Number: P300

The Siemens SITRANS P300 Pressure Transmitter has been designed to meet the rigorous hygiene standards required in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The SITRANS P300 with its stainless steel design offers precision and ruggedness. It can withstand IP68 and IP69K, CIP/SIP cleaning, and highly viscos measuring media. 

  • Measurement Deviation: ≤ 0,075%
  • Long Term Stability: ≤ 0.25% / 60 months
  • Specified Temperature Range: up to 392oF (200oC)
  • Measurement cells for gauge and absolute pressure

View our full range of Siemens pressure transmitters. Download the Siemens SITRANS P300 Datasheet.

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