Fairchild Model 11 - Precision Pressure Regulator

Model Number: 11

The Fairchild Model 11 Low-Pressure High Precision Regulator provides precision control in a lightweight and compact package as a solution for limited space and low-pressure applications. Based on the proven Model 10 the Fairchild Model 11 provides high reliability, quality and performance.

Features and Benefits of the Fairchild Model 11:

  • Supply pressure 150psi max
  • Sensitivity 0.05" Water Column for precision control in low pressure applications
  • Adjustment ranges from 0-0.5psi to 0-12 psi - Pipe Size 1/4" to 1/2" NPT/BSP
  • Relief valve provides high exhaust flows
  • Option: Low bleed seat minimises air consumption
  • An aspirator tub compensates for downstream pressure droop under flow conditions

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