Siemens Miltronics Multiranger 200 Hmi - Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Model Number: MULTIRANGER 200 HMI

MultiRanger 200 HMI is a versatile short to medium-range ultrasonic single and multi-vessel level monitor/controller for virtually any application in a wide range of industries.

MultiRanger 200 HMI can be used with various materials, including, water, municipal waste, acids, woodchips, or on materials with high angles of repose. MultiRanger 200 HMI offers true dual point monitoring, digital communications with built-in Modbus RTU via RS 485, as well as compatibility with SIMATIC PDM, allowing PC configuration and set-up. MultiRanger 200 HMI features Sonic Intelligence advanced echo-processing software for increased reading reliability.

  • Range: 0,3 ... 15 m (1 ... 50 ft)
  • Compatible transducers: ST-H and EchoMax series XPS-10, XPS-15/15F, XRS-5
  • Relays: 6 relays: rating 5 A at 250 V AC, non-inductive
  • mA output: 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA

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