Siemens Milltronics Tilt Switch - Electro-Mechanical Tilt Switch ***Obsolete***

Model Number: TILT SWITCH

The Siemens Milltronics Tilt Switch probe is an electro-mechanical tilt switch for point level detection, plugged chute detection, and feed loss detection on conveyor belts. Tilt Switches provide point level detection for use with switch isolators or used separately. They offer a cost-effective solution for point level detection, plug chute detection, belt tracking, and feed loss detection on conveyor belts. They also provide simple high and low alarms for both dry bulk solids and liquids. The Tilt Switch consists of a rugged, stainless steel encapsulated probe. The probe is suspended vertically over a bin or belt, and the potted switch inside the probe provides a signal when material tilts it through an angle of more than 17° in any direction. Additional assembly options are available including replaceable wear extensions (for coarse and abrasive materials), flat or cross paddles (for medium bulk density materials), and floats (for liquids or light density bulk materials). The probes are also available for high or low-temperature applications.

Please note this product is no longer available

  • Range: 245mm (10")
  • Process Temperature: -40 to +150 °C (-40 to +302 °F)

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