Siemens Milltronics Sitrans Lr250 - Radar Level Transmitter Flanged 7Ml5431-

Model Number: LR250

SITRANS LR250 is your first choice for liquid level measurement in storage and process vessels up to 20 meters (66 ft). With its range of antennas, this transmitter can handle whatever you need it to. It's newly flanged and hygienic encapsulated antennas mean corrosive or aggressive materials and hygienic or sanitary requirements are no challenge for this transmitter.

SITRANS LR250 Flanged Encapsulated Antenna

All the benefits of SITRANS LR250 Horn antenna and the following:

  • Fully encapsulated horn antenna design with flange mount and FDA approved flush-faced TFM 1600 PTFE lens for use in chemical and sanitary environments where aggressive and corrosive materials are used
  • Flush lens antenna allows for easy cleaning and less intrusion in the vessel
  • Cost-effective replacement for transmitters made of exotic materials
  • 2 inch (50 mm) process connection/antenna allows for easy mounting

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