Model Number: LG SERIES

The SITRANS LG series are guided wave radar transmitters for level, level/interface, and volume measurement of liquids and solids. It is unaffected by changes in process conditions, high temperatures and pressures, and steam. The SITRANS LG series comes in four different models: LG240, LG250, LG260 & LG270

  • SITRANS LG240 offers configuration options for your hygienic application requirements (7ML5880-)
  • SITRANS LG250 Highly flexible solution for liquid level and interface applications. Extremely versatile offering solutions for storage, separation of materials or difficult ammonia applications (7ML5881-)
  • SITRANS LG260 Ideal for measuring level in medium-range solids applications including; grains, plastics, and cement(7ML5882-)
  • SITRANS LG270 offers configuration options for extreme conditions including high temperature and high-pressure applications such as harsh applications found in chemical, HPI and energy industries, for example, LPG gas tanks, steam boilers and distillation columns (7ML5883-)

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