Siemens Sitrans Ocm Iii - Ultrasonic Flow Monitor

Model Number: OCM III

The OCM III is a high accuracy ultrasonic flow monitor for open channels. In addition to the monitoring flow rate in sewage works, OCM III can monitor industrial discharge, rainfall/stormwater studies, inflow/ infiltration studies and sewer system evaluations. As well as being compatible with many standard weirs and flumes, the programmable head versus flow curve (up to 16 points) accurately defines flow rate on unique or non-standard weirs and flumes. The OCM III has data logging and is adjustable from once per minute to once a day. It records the average flow rate for that time period. Daily, it records minimum/maximum of temperature and flow rates, and the time they occurred, as well as the daily total. Advanced functions include variable-rate logging. It can be pre-programmed to log at a higher rate when needed. Under steady conditions, the OCM III automatically logs less frequently to conserve data log space. The OCM III has two-way communication via RS-232 with a modem or a bi-polar current loop with a current-to-voltage communication converter. Data logs can be downloaded to a file that can be manipulated into a spreadsheet or ASCII format.

  • Range : 0.3 to 1.2 m (1 to 4 ft), or 0.6 to 3 m (2 to 10 ft)
  • Output: Three relays or 4 to 20 mA (isolated)
  • Compatible Transducers: XRS-5

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