Siemens Sitrans Fus080 - Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

Model Number: FUS080

SITRANS FUS080 is a transit time-based transmitter designed for ultrasonic flow metering with any sensor in the SITRANS FUS380 / SITRANS FUE380 in-line series. SITRANS FUS080 comes as battery or mains powered version and is designed to measure flow in water applications.

Application Examples: Water flow in District heating plants, Local networks, Boiler stations, Substations, Chiller plants, Irrigation plants and other general water applications

To make a complete flowmeter, the SITRANS FUS080 flow transmitter must be combined with one of the following:

  • SITRANS F US SONOKIT: (under preparation) retrofit flowmeter series
  • SITRANS FUS380: flow meter for measuring on all district water qualities and water conductivities
  • SITRANS FUE380: as SITRANS FUS380, but with type approval for custody transfer systems
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of flow rate
  • Input / Output: Input: 1-, 2-track interfaces Output: 2 pulse or status
  • Communication: MODBUS RTU protocol: IrDA optical eye
  • Enclosure: IP67/NEMA 4X/6
  • Power supply: Battery or Mains (3.6V or 115/230V AC)
  • Operating Temperature: From -5 to 60 °C (23 to 140 °F)
  • Approvals: MID, PTB (depend on system selection)

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