Siemens Sitrans Fue950 - Energy Calculator

Model Number: FUE950

The battery or mains powered SITRANS FUE950 is a universal custody transfer approved energy calculator. It is designed for use in hot water, chilled water and cooling/heating applications. The calculator has a modular construction which means that it can be fitted with optional output modules when it is ordered. These include a pulse output, pulse input and an M-Bus add-on module. If needed, the necessary temperature sensor pair and pockets can be ordered along with the calculator. Application Examples: District heating applications, Chilled water applications, Combined cooling/heating applications.

  • Measuring Range: Qp ≤ 10000 m3/h P ≤ 100000 kW
  • Accuracy: Max ±(0.5 + 3K/ΔΘ) [%]
  • Display: 7-digit LCD display with associated pictograms/symbols
  • Enclosure: IP54 (in accordance with IEC 529)
  • Power Supply: Battery (3.0V or 3.6V) 230 V a.c. 24 V a.c.
  • Temperature Input: From -10 to 190 °C (14 to 338 °F)
  • Ambient Temperature: From 0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F)
  • Approvals: MID (EN1434)

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