Siemens Sitrans Fcs400 - Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Model Number: FCS400

The SITRANS FCS400 sensor (the market's most compact). The small size facilitates installation and replacement and makes it possible to fit multiple units into tight spaces.

At the heart of the compact design is the CompactCurveTM tube shape, offering an accuracy of 0.1% of flow rate and high sensitivity for optimal measurement of even very low flows.

From its short tube length and large bore to its cylindrical frame and hemispherical flow manifold, the SITRANS FCS400 was designed from the ground up with the hallmarks of superior performance and reliability: a very stable zero point, low-pressure loss, and high immunity to process noise and plant vibrations.

  • Compactness: enabling a smaller and more efficient plant or skid layout and construction
  • Flexibility: available from DN15 to DN80 ensuring a broad application fit
  • Easy installation: with a wide range of standard flange, thread and hygienic connectors
  • High capacity: flow rates from 20 kg/h up to 905000 kg/h provide an application in many processes
  • High accuracy: ±0.1% achieved at up to 100 bars and 200 °C
  • Plug & Play: with pre-configured sensor cable
  • Digitally reliable: all primary process variables are digitally transferred to the transmitter

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