Siemens Sitrans Fc430 - Coriolis Mass Flow Meter System

Model Number: FC430

The digitally based SITRANS FC430 flowmeter features market-leading compactness, very high accuracy of 0.1%, low-pressure loss, extremely stable zero point and best-in-class data update with 100 Hz high-speed signal transfer. Unique support tools provide direct access to all operational and functional data, certificates and audit trails. The SITRANS FC430 is amongst the first Coriolis flowmeters to offer SIL 3 certification on the system, meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.

  • Direct integration - into DCS automation systems via HART 7.2 or as a standalone solution
  • Safety integration – approved to SIL3 at design level for compact systems (see note)
  • Space-saving – remote sensor installation provides the opportunity for optimal transmitter location
  • SensorFlash® – comprehensive removable memory functions (micro SD card)
    - Calibration certificates
    - Pressure and material test certificates (as ordered)
    - Non-volatile memory backup of operational data
    - Transfer of user configuration to other flowmeters
  • Mit NAMUR (NE132) – sensor dimensions, transmitter functions, output setups, error handling
  • Hygiene approved – EHEDG and 3A approved hygienic sensor. External cleanability, couplings

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