Siemens Instrumentation Sitrans Fs290 Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Model Number: FS290

The Siemens Sitrans FS290 is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter system for monitoring volumetric flow in pipes. It contains the SITRANS FST090 battery-operated transmitter and SITRANS FSS220 clamp-on sensors. Install the sensors quickly and easily on the outside of a pipe – without any process interruptions or plant downtime. The Siemens Sitrans FS290 is often used for temporary checks in water supply and disposal. Cooling or hot water, reference quantities or leaks can be checked quickly in this way. A typical example is the monitoring and testing of fire protection systems or other emergency applications where there is flow.

The main benefits to the FS290 are:

  • Check metering, temporary and test measurements
  • Compensation of flow disturbances through the anomaly compensation
  • Long battery life, simple battery replacement
  • Measurement accuracy of 1% under good conditions
  • Easy installation: just clamp it on, with no need to cut pipe or stop flow
  • Minimal maintenance: sensors do not require upkeep or cleaning
  • No moving parts to foul or wear
  • No pressure drop or energy loss
  • Precise single path measuring

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