Siemens Danfoss Sitrans F Us Sono 3100 - Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Model Number: SONO 3100

The SONO 3100/FUS060 Ultrasonic flow meter consists of a SONO 3100 sensor with O-ring or flange transducers depending on the application. The standard version is delivered as a 2-track sensor with or without flanges; 4 tracks are available but only upon request. Available pipe materials include carbon or stainless steel. The FUS060 transmitter is engineered for high performance applications and designed for remote installation in hazardous as well as non-hazardous environments. In addition to the standard outputs, it also offers communication.

• Nominal sizes from 4" to 48"
• Operating pressure Max. 430 bar
• Temperature of medium From -200 to 200 °C
• Transducer types O-ring, Flange
• InLine Ultrasonic Flow Meter 

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