Burkert Type 8032 - Flow Sensor/Switch

Model Number: 8032

The Burkert Type 8032 paddle wheel Flow Sensor/Switch is specially designed to establish an ON/OFF Control loop. The switching point can be programmed with the 3 keypads on the display or can optionally be programmed externally from a programmable logic controller over a 4...20 mA loop. The remote 8032 has a transistor output. The connection to the process in the piping is done with standard inline fittings.

Some features of the Type 8032 are:

  • Pipe diameter DN 15...DN 50
  • Measuring range 0.2m/s...10m/s
  • Switching accuracy +/-1%
  • Repeatability 0.4% o.R
  • Voltage supply 12...30 VDC
  • Fluid temperature max. 100°C

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