Burkert Type 8030 - Flow Sensor

Model Number: 8030

The Burkert Type 8030 paddle-wheel flow sensor for continuous flow measurement is especially designed for use in neutral, slightly aggressive, solid free liquids. The sensor is made of a compact fitting with integrated paddle-wheel and an electronic-nodule, quickly and easily connected together by a bayonet. The hall-sensor produces a frequency signal proportional to the flow which can easily be transmitted and processed.

Some of the features of the Burkert Type 8030 are:

  • Pipe diameter DN 15...50
  • Measuring range 0.3...10m/s
  • Measuring error
  • Output signal Transistor PNP and NPN
  • Supply voltage 12...30 VD
  •  Enclosure IP 65
  • Fluid temperature maximum 0°C … +100°C

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Burkert Type 8030 pulse version sensor, 12 - 36VDC, Output frequency with pulse PNP NPN, Cable plug connection
HS Code 90261021

£157.50 (ex VAT)

£189.00 (inc VAT)

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Brass body, PN16, Max temp 100c, PVDF paddle wheel, Ceramic axis and bearings. 1" bsp female, flow range 8-300L/min

£269.33 (ex VAT)

£323.19 (inc VAT)

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Paddlewheel with inductive coil Body material Stainless steel Seal material FKM Sensor PVDF paddlewheel

£183.60 (ex VAT)

£220.32 (inc VAT)

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