Landon Kingsway Quick Release - Manual Quick Release Valve


The Manual Quick Release Mechanism is designed for use with our free-fall fire valves. The steel cable from the valve is looped around the pulley and is released if the button is pressed allowing the valve arm to fall.

  • Material Red painted cast aluminium body, plastic button, brass pulley.
  • Dimensions 135 x 76 x 82.5mm
  • Fixing Centres 60mm PCD, Ø7mm
  • Force to release 40N approx.
  • Weight 0.3kg
Manual Quick Release Mechanism. HS Code: 8531 8040

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In stock
3-4 Weeks
Electromek Mk11 Manual Release Mechanism with C/o Contacts. HS Code: 8531 8040

£0.00 (ex VAT)

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