Landon Kingsway Mki - Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism

Model Number: MKI

The Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKI is designed to provide a simple electro-mechanical release mechanism for gravity-operated devices such as the Landon Kingsway free fall fire valve. The system consists of a steel cable wound around a drum with a solenoid arranged so that when energised the drum is locked in place. If the electrical supply to the solenoid is interrupted then the solenoid latch releases the drum and the weight of the attached load causes the cable to unwind. The MKII unit is as above but incorporates two switched power outputs, one normally on and turns off, the other is normally off and turns on in the event of an emergency.

Available in:

  • SQRM Mkl 24vdc
  • SQRM Mkl 110vac
  • SQRM Mkl 230vac
  • SQRM Mkll 24vdc C/W Aux Switches
  • SQRM Mkll 110vac C/W Aux Switches
  • SQRM Mkll 230vac C/W Aux Switches

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