Landon Kingsway Mki - Free Fall Fire Valve
Part Number: 10903705

Valve sets comprise of
5 x 10004501. Cable connectors allow cable to be joined
1 x 10012402. M6 hook allows cable to be anchored, angled or guided.
1 x 100340001P Spring providing tension to cable and free fall fire valve weight through slotted link.
1 x 10032902. slotted link allows connection of tensionspring and cable to Free Fall fire valve weight.
1 x 10902801. 72°C (160°F) Fusible Link mounted above heat source. Cable will break in the event of fire.
2 x 10903610. M6 Large pulley and Wall anchor- retainins cable tension changing direction of cable.
1 x 10030602 M6 Munsen Ring / Wall Anchor.
1 x 10015708 Stainless Steel Cable 9m (29.5ft)
1 x 99009702 Cable Tensioner
1 x 10012102 Warning Notice
HS Code: 8481 8081

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