Landon Kingsway Cabinet - Dry Riser Inlet & Outlet Cabinets

Model Number: CABINET

The LANDON KINGSWAY (inlet/outlet) cabinets are esential in looking after your equipment. Dry riser gate valves act as outlets from the riser main. These valves are situated on each floor of the high rise building and are normally housed in outlet cabinets which are manufactured to BS5041 part 4. Dry riser gate valves come complete with inlets flanged 65mm BS4504 PN16, 2.5"BS10 table D and screwed 2.5" BSPT, outlets to BS336, complete with blank cap and chain, strap and padlock, complying to BS5041 part 2. An inlet breeching at ground level provides the connection to the water supply. The system is normally dry and is charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. Breeching inlets have either 2 or 4 inlet connections complete with 2.5" male instantaneous inlets to BS336 fitted with non-return valves, 1" drain valve and caps and chains. A 100mm (4") rising main uses a 2-way inlet breeching in a vertical or horizontal position. A 150mm (6") rising main uses a 4-Way inlet breeching.

Available in:

  • Dry Riser Outlet Cabinet
  • Dry Riser Inlet Cabinet

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