Siemens Sitrans Rd500 - Remote Data Logger

Model Number: RD500

The SITRANS RD500 is a remote data manager providing integrated web access, alarm event handling, and data capture for instrumentation.

  • The RD500 is an easy-to-use remote data manager, using a web-based application and hardware modules. The unique modular approach allows a variety of process signals to be monitored, while the serial ports allow data to be collected from any Modbus RTU device.
  • The RD500 comprises a master communications module and up to 16 slave modules. Various module types are available, allowing up to a maximum of 128 conventional inputs and outputs.
  • The RD500's serial ports can collect data from up to 247 Modbus RTU slave devices including field instruments.
  • The RD500's built-in web server, FTP, and email client, allows the process to be monitored remotely.
  • Alarm notifications are communicated through email and SMS text messages to one or more recipients to ensure that appropriate actions are taken by personnel.
  • The RD500 supports external modems, providing flexibility for applications in which GSM/GPRS cellular or landline connectivity is desired.
  • The RD500 is configured via a web-based interface - a standard browser is all the software you need to configure your system.
  • RD500 supports report and alarm events via email, SMS, and FTP transfer Web server provides worldwide access to instrument data log and RD500 configuration and setup.
  • Offers scalability with optional I/O modules for current (4 to 20 mA), voltage (0 to 10 V), thermocouple (TC), resistance temperature detector (RTD), and digital.
  • I/O 10 base-TI 100 Base-TX ethernets and support for GSM, GPRS, and PSTN provide flexible remote communications options.
  • Supports up to 128 devices with the flexible I/O modules and up to 247 Modbus serial devices.
  • Integrated FTP server and client supports FTP data synchronization to central servers.
  • The compact flash slot supports up to 2 Gigabytes of expandable memory for data capture and storage.
  • Log files formats are CSV (comma separated values) for data files and HTML for report files.

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