Burkert Type 1094 - Electronic Controller For Vapour Recovery

Model Number: 1094

When a vehicle is filled with petrol, the petrol flowing into the tank displaces an equal volume of petrol vapour out of the tank. To prevent this petrol vapour escaping into the atmosphere, it must be siphoned off. In the solution offered by B├╝rkert this vapour extraction is achieved by applying a vacuum via an upstream proportional valve in the petrol pump reservoir tank. A suction pump transports the petrol vapour out of the vehicle tank and compresses it in the petrol pump feed tank. To prevent an overpressure in the feeder tank, the volume of petrol drawn and the sucked back petrol vapour must be balanced. The petrol quantity dispensed into the vehicle tank is measured using the calibrated piston meter of the petrol pump, the output signal of which is converted by a petrol pump computer into pulsed signals that are transmitted to the control unit. The control unit is fitted with a (SUB-D) port so that it can communicate (calibration, measurements) with the manual control unit.

  • Input fuel impulse
  • Input diesel detection
  • PWM-outputs for control of proportional valve

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