Why settle for second best when you need precise control?

Why settle for second best when you need precise control?

Why settle for second best when you need precise control? The Fairchild Model 10 pressure regulator provides precision control second to none. With sensitivity to 0.3mBar of set point, the Model 10 regulator is suitable for non-aggressive gas and liquid fuel applications. Providing a uniform output pressure, independent of supply pressure variations, to allow use in applications with high flow requirements needing high accuracy of control pressure. Our in-house team have spent over 25 years working with Fairchild products across a diversity of industry applications and are well equipped to advise you on the world-class Fairchild product range.

Fine Controls are proud to be the official distributor of Fairchild products, with an extensive product range including Fairchild Pressure Regulators, Pneumatic relays, I-P Converters and Volume Boosters. Fairchild Precision Pressure Regulators provide a wide selection of pressure ranges and flow capacities to let you specify the model that exactly meets the needs of your control applications. Engineering and manufacturing excellence assure the sensitivity, accuracy, low output droop, drift-free settings and immunity from supply pressure variations that are required in a precision air pressure regulator.



  • Use on Gas and Liquid Applications
  • ¼"- ½" Ported
  • Max inlet pressure 35bar (500PSI)
  • Outlet ranges 0-150mBar up to 0.3-28Bar
  • High Flow Design
  • Extreme sensitivity to within 0.3mBar
  • Available Ex-stock




  • Non-Relieving
  • Tamper proof
  • Plunger operated
  • Buna, Viton or Silicone Diaphragms
  • NPT, BSP or BSPT
  • Panel Mounted
  • Tapped Exhaust
  • Low Flow & Low Bleed

Fairchild model 10 precision pressure regulator

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